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Apoyando la excelencia en la investigación sobre la salud de la mujer

Training to provide optimal care during pregnancy and childbirth

Accelerating the application of research into women's healthcare



COVID-19 in Pregnancy: Webinar Series

During the pandemic Elly Charity Trustees and Volunteers were on the ‘front line’ working in hospitals caring for pregnant women (including women with COVID-19) and also conducting fast paced COVID-19 in pregnancy research.

We took swift action to promote and protect women’s health both in the UK and internationally. We organised a webinar series (#GlobalPregCov) aiming to educate healthcare workers on managing pregnancy and childbirth during the pandemic based on both practical experience and the latest research. The webinars were FREE and open to the public so anyone interested (including pregnant women) could access accurate information during a time of high uncertainty.

The webinars were a collaboration with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Women's Health at the University of Birmingham and showcased presentations from leading experts from around the world and follow up Q&As.

The series was made up of 5 webinars:

  •   COVID19 in Pregnancy - Antenatal Care during the Pandemic (June 2020)

  •   COVID19 in Pregnancy - Intrapartum Care during the Pandemic (July 2020)

  •   COVID19 in Pregnancy - Postnatal & Neonatal Care during the Pandemic

    (August 2020)

  •   COVID19 in Pregnancy - Women's Health Research during the Pandemic

    (October 2020)

  •   COVID-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women and the Health Professionals caring for them (March 2021)


We collaborated with Queen Mary University of London and others to generate a webinar and Q&A session focused on ‘Diabetes in Pregnancy’(#sugarcoat2021). This was aimed at pregnant women and healthcare workers (March 2021).


In October 2020 and April 2021, Elly Charity Volunteers organised three virtual MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Assessment Revision Courses. The courses help women’s healthcare professionals develop and demonstrate core clinical skills as defined in the MRCOG curriculum. The courses received excellent feedback from the candidates attending. 


These were paid courses which generated income for the Charity.

Free Learning Event

In June 2021, Elly Charity Volunteersorganised a free half-day learning event on ‘Primary Care Updates: Integrated Women’s Health (O&G)’. This was a combination of virtual lectures and live interactive Q&As with an expert panel. It was held in collaboration with Barts Education Academy and Health Education England.

Co-Applicants on Funding Proposal

We helped develop a research programme, becoming co-applicants alongside the University of Birmingham and others. The programme was named “C-Safe: Optimising maternal and perinatal outcomes through safe and appropriate caesarean sections in low- and middle- income countries (LMIC)”. Part of our preparation work included launching an international survey to understand the top health problems facing pregnant women and their newborn babies.


In addition to the MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Assessment Revision Courses, Elly Charity volunteers organised a 5K run fundraising event at a park in East London.

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