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Webinar: Vaccination for Pregnant Women and the Health Professionals caring for them​

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Information for women and the obstetric community about the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout takes place this is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about vaccination from international expert Prof Paul T. Heath and understand how it relates to women wanting to get pregnant, already pregnant or breastfeeding.

We will share experiences of vaccination amongst women’s health professionals with Dr Gloria Rowland MBE including low vaccine uptake in certain groups and the range of beliefs from health professionals. Dr Rehan Khan will explore health inequalities in access to the vaccine and share what resources are currently available to help the obstetric community and women themselves.

This is an opportunity to get an evidence based perspective and a chance for you to ask questions from experts with first hand experience at an Elly Charity and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Women's Health at the University of Birmingham event.


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