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Upgrading Capability, Knowledge and Skills

Health infrastructure exists to some degree in most countries, but the number and competency of health professionals is variable. By providing training and education Elly Charity boosts national healthcare capacity in different countries advancing the skills and knowledge of its professionals while inspiring them to to strive for excellence.

Elly Charity helps healthcare workers of all levels and settings to acquire life-saving skills that will improve their performance when caring for women in pregnancy and during childbirth. Our training includes:

• how to provide optimal care to prevent loss of life

• how to avoid women sustaining life changing injuries

• how to correct or minimise the impact of injuries that are sustained

In doing this, health professionals will save lives and improve women’s health.

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Our Training

Training Drills

We showcase basic operative obstetric and gynaecological skills, and safe surgical techniques. The training is multidisciplinary in nature. A typical example includes skills to manage the most common causes of maternal death such as severe bleeding, infection and high blood pressure in pregnancy. The training drill shows how to ensure safe delivery of the baby in certain circumstances such as breech (delivered bottom first) shoulder dystocia (when the shoulders get stuck) and assisting delivery using an instrument

Train the Trainer 

We teach health professionals to train other health professional in their new 'Training Drill' skills. For example health professionals that have undertaken the 'training drills' alongside 'train the trainer' can teach their new skill to others in their communities thereby widening the impact of our work and ensuring it is sustainable.


Experienced Trainers
Trainers are both experienced professionals and educators up to date on the latest guidelines and research.


Training Drills
Teaching health professionals best practice techniques that are based on evidence ensures they provide optimal care to women.


Train the Trainer
Teaching health professionals to train others in in their new skills widens the impact of our work and ensures it is sustainable.

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Multidisciplinary Obstetrics Midwifery simulation (MOMs)

Topics include Maternal resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation, care in labour, post partum haemorrhage, eclampsia.

The course is split into brief lectures and simulation ‘hands on’ skills training using scenarios and manikins. The skills are demonstrated by the trainer and then the participants have an opportunity to practice this, the groups are kept small to facilitate learning and enable ample practice.

The course typically runs over two days, with an added third day of ‘Train the Trainers’ to enable sustainability.


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Working Collaboratively

Elly Charity forms partnerships with hospitals or organisations working in low resource areas, through this collaborative relationship we are able to facilitate and deliver our training while having local buy in.

Since 2014 we have working in India, Borneo, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

View our videos to see how we work:

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