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Transforming Lives: Ram's Impact at the Kituvo Fistula Camp in Uganda

Updated: May 10

We recently celebrated the return of our Charity founder, Ram, from an extraordinary mission to the Kituvo Fistula Camp in Uganda. His dedication and hard work have brought transformative change to the lives of many women suffering with obstetric fistula, a severe childbirth injury that can devastate lives.

A healthcare professional in scrubs and a surgical mask intently adjusts an intravenous drip line in a clinical setting.
Focused Care: Ramesan, Elly Charity Trustee, fine-tunes IV equipment, ready to make a life-changing difference at the Kituvo Fistula Camp

Obstetric fistula leaves women suffering from incontinence, shame, social isolation, and health complications. Ram’s efforts at the camp involved performing essential surgeries to repair this condition, restoring dignity and vastly improving the quality of life for these women.


This mission underlines the power of targeted healthcare initiatives and the profound impact they can have on individual lives. It also highlights Elly Charity’s role in fostering global cooperation and demonstrates the change that committed health professionals can create.


Through his work, Ram has not only changed lives but also highlights an often-overlooked issue, aligning with Elly Charity’s mission to promote and protect women's health.


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