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Improving English and Health Literacy in pregnant women from East London

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The second focus group of our coproduced research project took place at the East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets on the 2nd of November.

22 local women (and many babies!) attended the event. Some were pregnant for the first time and some had babies before but all had very different deliveries experiences. The women had varying degrees of English (some spoke a little bit of English, but most spoke no English at all).

3 Community Researchers and 3 translators spoke to the women in their native language to find out more about what was important to them. We learned in more detail about the topics that were overwhelmingly perceived as necessary for women to know and understand (e.g. anatomy, pain relief).

Our beautiful visuals materials were available as posters and leaflets on the tables to provide feedback from our previous focus group and generate conversations. They were a big hit and many women commented how beautiful they were.


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