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Unpacking Diabetes in Pregnancy: Insights and Community Engagement

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In a recent engaging webinar, we delved into the important subject of Diabetes during pregnancy, reaching out to 57 attendees from different countries.

Understanding Risks

We opened by identifying those at risk, including individuals with family history, specific ethnic backgrounds, obesity, previous gestational diabetes, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Research and Prevention Insights

Key insights were shared on preventing gestational and type two diabetes, with a highlight on the Mediterranean diet. We had speakers from various studies and hospitals, including Dr. Tarakeswari, who explained real-life applications in India.

Culinary Engagement

A delightful culinary competition added flavor, with Rachana winning with her dish of Palak Roti, Palak Dahl, and Egg!

Collaborative Effort

The webinar was a collaborative effort by stakeholders including Barts Charity, Queen Mary University of London, Fernandez Hospital in India, the University of Birmingham and Elly Charity,

"This webinar showcased a mix of informative research, community engagement, and collaborative spirit."


The event culminated in a beautiful visual representation of the event, a testament to our collective dedication to understanding and addressing diabetes in pregnancy!


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