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Celebrating a Successful Day at the Festival of Communities

Group of eight diverse women standing in front of an Elly Charity roller banner. Some are wearing lanyards, and three are adorned with headscarves. Festive bunting creates a vibrant backdrop while a table displays leaflets and papers

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights from our recent participation in the Festival of Communities. It was a scorching hot day, but that didn't stop the incredible energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved!

Our stall was a hub of activity, attracting lots of people who engaged in our Henna experience. It was heart-warming to connect with women and families, hearing their stories and sharing experiences. We were honoured to have been a part of this celebration in East London!

One of the most gratifying aspects of the Festival of Communities was collaborating with Katie’s Team members who we have been working with on our co-created project on Health Literacy and Pregnancy. We are truly grateful for their partnership and their invaluable contributions. The Festival also offered us the opportunity to gather insights, exchange ideas, and plan for the next phases of the project!

Saturday, June 10 2023 in Stepney Green Park

We extend a massive thank you to Madeleine, Yesmin, Rukshana, Jeni, and Shumi for their hard work on the day and in making it such a success! And also to Lush for their generous donations.

Elly Charity were delighted to provide branded bags, pens, notebooks, and colouring pencils for the children. It was heartening to see the smiles on their faces as they engaged with our materials and took home a piece of the Festival experience!

Young woman smiling and wearing a headscarf.

A special mention also goes to Deepali Patel from Queen Mary University of London who played a pivotal role in organizing the stalls and ensuring Women's Health Research was well represented at the event!

"It was a great day!"

Elly Charity volunteer; Health Literacy & Pregnancy community researcher

Overall, the Festival of Communities was an incredible celebration that exemplified the power of community engagement. We are grateful to have been a part of this event and to have connected with so many amazing individuals.

Nine small black cards with white henna designs. One card in the center reads 'Thank You,' while another card beside it says 'Thank you for being the best teacher'


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