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Katie's Team

Women's Health Research Patient & Public Advisory Group

Who we are

We are a community working together to enhance research related to women's health, reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth.

We are a diverse mix of people of various ages, sexes, backgrounds and ethnicities who are experienced in public involvement, research and advocacy at local, national and international level.

We speak from experience but also from reaching out to our family, friends and people in our networks who are not often heard. 

Most importantly, we are enthusiastic about making a meaningful impact for women!

What we do

  • We support patient and public involvement in research.

  • We bring people together to share our experiences, learning and ideas.

  • We advise on all aspects of women’s health research. 

  • We co-create research that matters to us.

  • We also run Katie's Team itself!

Join Katie's Team

Anyone interested in women's health is welcome to participate!


We hold virtual meetings but hopefully we'll be able to meet face to face soon.


We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and able to participate so get in touch and so we can help you participate fully, including paying for your time if relevant.

Are you interested in

women's health research? 

Partner with us

We can work alongside you to facilitate patient and public involvement in your research project, from developing ideas to translating findings into impact; or even co-creating research projects!


We work with organisations including Universities, Charities, the NHS, Local Authorities and the Royal Colleges.

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What's the latest?

Learn more


With thanks to:


Women’s Health Research Unit at QMUL


Barts Charity

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