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Accelerating the application of research into healthcare environments


Best Practice Refinement

Incorporating learning from research findings into training drills to effectively leverage new understanding.


Knowledge Transfer

Encouraging collaboration between researchers, health professionals and the public to enable knowledge sharing.


Public Feedback

Communicating the value of research to the public to encourage health advocacy and empowerment.

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#GlobalPregCov Webinars

In this series we harness the clinical and research experience of our panelists to discuss a range of topics including adapting services to care for pregnant and recently pregnant women during the pandemic to minimise the risk of transmission and adverse outcomes for mothers, babies and healthcare professionals.

Translating Research findings into practice


Elly Charity helps ensure global health research findings are translated into improved training and ultimately the care of women on the ground. In doing this, health professionals will save lives, improve women’s health and support families and communities along the way.

Working Collaboratively

Elly Charity and the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Women's Health at the University of Birmingham have organised a series of online global learning events on evidence-based guidance for the management and care of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable healthcare workers on the ground to adjust practice.